Octopus everything! 8 Cephalopods for your home.

I just adore Cephalopods.  Octopuses,  squid,  cuttlefish…  They’re all just brilliant.  Here’s a eight ways we can have octopus decor in our very own homes. SeeWhatIDidThere

Since I’m on a quest to customise my home to be anything but boring, I though I’d bring you along for the ride with the fun yet functional things I find.  Sometimes these will be affordable, sometimes not, sometimes it depends on what your definition of ‘affordable’ is and how far your purse strings go.  I’m saving to buy a home, so the answer for me is not very far, but a girl can dream and I can certainly peruse the beauties…

Let’s start at the front door…

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Trick yourself into taking a ‘Mental Health Day,’ without feeling like a lazy slob.

I first heard of a ‘Mental Health Day’ from my last boss.  A college of mine was having a bad day at work, so my boss said that she’d rather my college took a day off and went to the beach instead of staying at work, being mentally elsewhere and getting nothing done.  That way they could come back the day after ‘refreshed and ready to work.’

I’ve been back at work a week.  A week. I can hardly believe that it’s only been a week.  My holidays were wonderful, but getting back to the daily grind has been a bit of a shock to the system.  I’m already feeling the effects of stress, so I’m preemptively taking a day to look after myself before the stress makes me sick.  Literally.  Of course there’s the temptation to go out and have fun and screw the consequences and lack of sleep, but growing up means learning to look after myself.  Sigh.

There is so much to do around my house though, so ‘Relaxing’ (With a capital ‘R’)  is difficult.  If I’m sitting round my house, I feel like I’m being lazy.  I need a sense of achievement to beat the blues, but whilst a day full of hard work makes me feel good, it sort of defeats the purpose of taking a day of rest.

So, after sleeping in and staying in bed till after midday, (Take that morning! I didn’t even see your face!) here’s what I’ve done to trick myself into taking a ‘rest’ day and ‘Relaxing.’

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