Adult Goth: Being Sick Sucks, so look after yourself like an adult.

Being Sick Sucks.

When you’re a kid, you’ve people to look after you, but when you’re an adult living on your own (or in my case, with a Gentleman who works during the day so isn’t around to bring me flat lemonade for lunch,) then it’s up to you to look after yourself.

I’m sick fairly frequently,  unfortunately,  and am coming to the understanding that as I get older I really need to make an effort to look after myself.  I can’t just keep sliding through like I did when I was younger.

Part of ‘adulting’ is taking responsibility for myself and my health. Sometimes sickness isn’t just physical,  but so many of these apply for mental illnesses as well, so I’ve lumped them in together for one big list of ‘adult’ things to do when sickness strikes and you actually have to look after yourself.

  1.  Prevention is better than cure.
    • Get enough sleep, quality and quantity
    • Eat well, regularly and often enough with plenty of variety.
    • Exercise. I’m a Corporate Goth with a desk job, so I have to really make sure I don’t just sit on my butt all day.
  2. When you first feel it, fix it.
    • Step back, have some rest, deal with whatever is stressing you.
  3. Don’t infect anyone else.
    • I’m in an office space with lots of other people. Whenever one of them is sick they manage to pass it onto me. The least I can do it try not to pass it back.  It would be even better if they didn’t come in sick and infect me in the first place.  Don’t be that gal.
  4. If it’s something that needs it, go to the Doc.
    • None of this “I’m Strong” business. Be an adult. Deal with your issues, when have you ever said “My car never needs to go to the mechanic, it’s strong” ? Nope. Me either.  Don’t expect your body to work if you don’t fix what ails it.
  5. Do what you need to to to get back on track.
    • Take your meds. Don’t stop halfway through just because you’re feeling better.  Seriously, are you trying to kill us all with your mutated megavirus?
    • Take the rest you need. I don’t just mean sleep, though that’s great too, I mean don’t exert yourself. Chillax.
    • Don’t jump back into things too quickly.


Other random things that I find helps.

  • Tea. Lots of tea. Alllll the tea. bonus points for putting honey in it, which someone’s great aunt told me had antibacterial properties, so it must be true.  Either way, it’s tasty.
  • Get some hot water in a mug. Add a splash of lemon juice and a spoonful of honey. Inhale the steam and drink the liquid. You’re welcome.
  • Watch Labyrinth, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and CutThroat Island on repeat.  Fantastic movies.
  • When I’m too sick to pay attention to an entire movie, I always end up on a youtube spiral.  There are the most amazing things on there, if you spend the time clicking through to wherever it takes you.  (Did you know ASMR is a thing? I didn’t before I went on a youtube spiral.  Fascinating. )
  • Learn something new. You’ve got the time, you might as well educate yourself.
  • Achieve something. It’s amazing how good achievement feels, even if it’s a small thing.

So that’s what I do.  What about you?  Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments.

Until next time, Darklings,


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