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The Buffy Cast’s New Photoshoot Looks Like a Goth High School Reunion

It’s seriously gorgeous.

They’re going to be in the April 2017 edition of Entertainment Weekly, but if you’re like me and don’t live in the USA, here’s a sneak peek:

Buffy The Vampire Cast Reunion Shoot (2017)
Actors from left to right, Amber Benson, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield, Alexis Denisof, Charisma Carpenter, Seth Green, David Boreanaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Marsters, Michelle Tracthenberg and Kristine Sutherland, with creator Joss Whedon in the foreground of Buffy The Vampire Slayer photographed exclusively for Entertainment Weekly by James White on March 7th, 2017 in Los Angeles.
Styling: Annie Jagger/The Only Agency; Boreanaz’s Styling: Rob Bolger; Prop Stylist: Andy Henbest/Art Department; Production: Allison Elioff/Sunny 16 Productions; Benson’s Hair: Toni Chavez/The Only Agency; Makeup: Adrienne Herbert/Art Department; Dress: Self Portrait; Shoes: Saint Laurent; Jewelry Erickson Beamon; Hannigan’s, Denisof’s Hair: Stephen Sollitto/TMG-LA; Makeup/Grooming: Marcus Francis/Starworks Artists; Hannigan’s Dress: ALC; Shoes: Saint Laurent; Denisof’s Shirt: Dolce and Gabbana; Blazer: John Varvatos; Boots: Ralph Lauren; Brendon’s, Whedon’s Grooming: Erika Parsons/Art Department; Brendon’s Jacket:G Star; Shirt: John Varvatos; Jeans: G Star; Boots: Frye; Whedon’s Jacket: John Varvatos

Want to see the rest?

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Victorian Post Mortem Photography: photos with the dead. Myth or fact?

A fascinating story that regularly does the internet rounds is Victorian Post Mortem Photography.
Literally: Photos with people after they’ve died.

It often goes like this:
In the nineteenth century, it was a custom to take photos with recently deceased people, especially if a photograph has not been taken whilst they were still alive. These photos were called ”Post Mortem,” coming from Latin, meaning after death.  Sometimes also called memorial portraiture or a mourning portrait.

In one version of the story, it originated in England, when Queen Victoria asked to photograph the corpse of an acquaintance or a relative, so she could keep as a souvenir.
Soon after, this idea spread around the world, keeping a morbid reminder of loved ones that have passed on.  These photographs served as keepsakes to remember the deceased, helping in mourning and grieving.

Post Mortem Victorian photography of the recently deceased
One of the photos that accompanies the story.  The colour of her hands is the proof given that the girl who is standing in the photo is the one who is dead.

But is it true?

Well no… and yes.

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Castle for Sale, but what’s inside?

Ever dreamed of owning your very own castle?
For many Australian Goths, like me, this has always been an impossible dream, but hold on to your parasols people: There’s one for sale!

Sunshine Coast Bli Bli Castle is for sale JesterNoir
And what a castle!

The advertisement describes it as:
“A stand out landmark in this location this Norman style Castle, with medieval additions, complete with moat, turrets, towers and drawbridge is totally unique in Australia.” – The ‘For Sale’ ad.

Have a look at their page and you’ll see the usual span of propaganda images of families with their children happily pointing at nothing, outside panoramas and their ‘come have your wedding here’ photos, but nothing that shows you what’s inside.

Which leads me to the reason for our chat now…

Last year, I was honoured to be a part of my friend’s wedding, held at this exact castle.   It’s beautiful and so gorgeous.. but inside it’s unlike any other castle I’ve ever seen.  It’s odd that they don’t have photos on the ad of what’s actually inside, but once you see mine I guess you’ll understand why.

Whilst the bride and groom were having their photos taken after the wedding, we snuck off and explored the castle unaccompanied and unhindered.  So here’s what we found hidden inside…

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