Be My Valentine Undead Ted.

Thrifty Goth: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas, on a Budget.

It’s Valentine’s  Day.


Are you doing anything?

Want to?

You’ve only a few hours of the day left, so here’s some quick ideas for things you can do for your paramour,  yourself,  or a special spooky person in your life, to show your respect, love and appreciation… on a budget.

Did you only realise it was Valentine's Day because of Google's adorable home page animations?
Did you only realise it was Valentine’s Day because of Google’s adorable home page animations?

Music.  Music is the food of love, or so we’re told.

Food.  Food is actually the food of love. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

  • Cook something. You have to eat anyway, so this one is a given.
  • Have a picnic. Eat whatever you were going to eat, but on a blanket.  Inside or outside, either works.
  • Go out for dinner.
  • Eat dinner curled up on the couch watching a favourite movie.

Water.  Cleaner than food.

  • Run a bath. The internet is full of amazing things you can put in the bath water to up your bath game, but at the very least a dollop of shampoo whilst the water is running will result in bubbles.   Whether you run it for someone else,  yourself or to share, a good soak will go down a treat.
  • Wash them. Get a tub for their feet, put them in the shower and scrum them, wash their hair. There are few things as intimate and loving as washing someone.

Do something for them.  You know what they need, give it to them.

  • Is there a chore they hate? Do it for them.
  • Do a load of washing and put it all away for them.
  • Do they forget to pack a lunch for work? Pack one and put it in their bag.

Be My Valentine Undead Ted.

Chances are you doing one or all of the above will be more appreciated than a gift, but if you really must buy in to the hallmark commercialisation, here’s one last idea that will cost you very little, if anything:

A card.

  • Take a piece of paper or cardboard.
  • Fold it in half.
  • Draw/stick/print something on the front. Could be a photo.
  • Write something inside.
  • Give it to your paramour.


So, what are you waiting for? If you want to do something, now is the time to do it! Scamper off and show that someone special how you feel, especially if that special someone is you.


Got any other quick ideas to add?  Throw them in the comments. Tried any of these? Let me know how it went in the comments too.  I love stories.

Have a special night, Darklings.


P.S. Add burning candles to anything above.  Bam.  Romantic. 

P.P.S. Don’t add burning candles to the card.  House fires can be a real mood killer.

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