Laundry symbol cheat sheet

This is a laundry symbol cheat sheet that you didn’t know you needed… never again will your clothes get ruined in the wash!

Your laundry will last longer with proper care, and your blacks will stay blacker for longer.

I’m here to help you do ‘adulting’ better, passing on the knowledge because I would never had known this, unless a helpful person had shown it to me when I first started out on my own. (Thanks Calista!)

So, when I first started as a CorpGoth working in an office, I went out and bought the right corporate wear, without realising that they all came with their own specialised washing requirements.  Huge mistake.  Well, now I’ve learnt the lesson, unfortunately only after I’d ruined some beautiful clothes,  that not all clothes can withstand normal treatment and need some extra TLC.  Have you been doing your laundry wrong, like I used to?  Here’s how to tell.

Have a look inside the care tags of your clothes.  Go grab a piece of clothing if you don’t have one handy, I can wait.  Got one?  Good.  Now on the tag there will be some symbols that look like a pig pen code crossed with a seating plan.  Know what they all mean?  Me neither, but never fear, here’s a cheat sheet:

All you have to do is print this chart and have it handy by the washing machine and you’ll always know what to do.  Easy.  I blu-tacked mine to the wall above it.

Here's a cheat sheet to tell you what all those Laundry Symbols mean!

Here's a cheat sheet to tell you what all those Laundry Symbols mean!

You’re welcome.

Do you have any tips for washing to help your clothes look better and last longer? Share your wisdom and let us know them in the comments.12523026_1010504908991314_4573048974524923858_n

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