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Turn your indoor staircase into an indoor slide!

I didn’t have stairs in my home growing up, but I remember tobogganing down my friends stairs on foam mattresses.  On your bottom, on your back, on your stomach… stairs were a multitude of fun…  until someone got a carpet burn or landed too hard on a particularly pointy stair.  Trisha Cleveland on Quirky has come up with an alternative to bumpy, potentially unsafe rides down the stairs.  SlideRider turns an indoor staircase into an indoor slide.


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Adulting Redefined: a community redefining what it means to be an adult.

Do you like to do things your own way?
Feel like you’re not an ‘Adult’ even though you left you ‘teenage-hood’ behind years ago?
Feel like you’re definitely an ‘Adult,’ but ‘adulting’ means something different to what your parents said it meant?

Are you actually just ‘adulting alternatively’ with/without realising it?

Adulting alternatively

I’d love to hear from people who challenge the paradigm and want to encourage others to do the same. People who have tips to share, or questions for other who might be able to help. People who are finding their way as an ‘Adult,’ people who have this thing down pat (their way) or people who are ‘Adults’ but don’t quite fit the mold.  Or people who are currently ‘mainstream’ but want to try something new, because let’s face it:  we’ll all still be in the process of growing up till we die, even though we’re ‘grown ups,’ and can all benefit from a little help, and by helping others.

I’d love you to join in creating a community redefining what it means to be an adult.  I’m looking for creators to write articles, share opinions, photos or blog posts. DIYs and how to’s.  Interpretive dance and alternative ways of life.  Quirky cutlery and toasters shaped like a sloth.

Jump in the comments below or send me a message on facebook and lets start a revolution!

Castle for Sale, but what’s inside?

Ever dreamed of owning your very own castle?
For many Australian Goths, like me, this has always been an impossible dream, but hold on to your parasols people: There’s one for sale!

Sunshine Coast Bli Bli Castle is for sale JesterNoir
And what a castle!

The advertisement describes it as:
“A stand out landmark in this location this Norman style Castle, with medieval additions, complete with moat, turrets, towers and drawbridge is totally unique in Australia.” – The ‘For Sale’ ad.

Have a look at their page and you’ll see the usual span of propaganda images of families with their children happily pointing at nothing, outside panoramas and their ‘come have your wedding here’ photos, but nothing that shows you what’s inside.

Which leads me to the reason for our chat now…

Last year, I was honoured to be a part of my friend’s wedding, held at this exact castle.   It’s beautiful and so gorgeous.. but inside it’s unlike any other castle I’ve ever seen.  It’s odd that they don’t have photos on the ad of what’s actually inside, but once you see mine I guess you’ll understand why.

Whilst the bride and groom were having their photos taken after the wedding, we snuck off and explored the castle unaccompanied and unhindered.  So here’s what we found hidden inside…

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How to make Christmas (without children) freaking Awesome.

Christmas without kids is freaking awesome.
I know what you’re about to say, but hear me out…

-Disclaimer: I like kids. I do. I’m going to have some baby-bats of my own in the coming years, but that doesn’t stop me from referring to them as snot-making poo-machines. I’ll still be doing so when I’m the one cleaning up the snot and poo. So put away your pitchforks, GothMums/Dads, and have a giggle with me.-

I know it’s not what you’ve heard. You’ve heard that Christmas is all about childish excitement and seeing the kid’s happy faces when they open their presents.

And here’s the thing,

It is.

that’s not all it is. You don’t need to have little baby-bats drooling everywhere to have ‘childish excitement’ or kids to have ‘happy faces.’ And if you’re feeling especially daring you can go line up and have a photo with Santa with your other grown-up adult friends instead of missing out on the fun.

Look at their happy faces.
Look at all the baby-bat’s happy faces.

So this is for anyone who’s an adult celebrating Christmas without tiny people snotting on their Christmas decorations.
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