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Turn your indoor staircase into an indoor slide!

I didn’t have stairs in my home growing up, but I remember tobogganing down my friends stairs on foam mattresses.  On your bottom, on your back, on your stomach… stairs were a multitude of fun…  until someone got a carpet burn or landed too hard on a particularly pointy stair.  Trisha Cleveland on Quirky has come up with an alternative to bumpy, potentially unsafe rides down the stairs.  SlideRider turns an indoor staircase into an indoor slide.


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How to make Christmas (without children) freaking Awesome.

Christmas without kids is freaking awesome.
I know what you’re about to say, but hear me out…

-Disclaimer: I like kids. I do. I’m going to have some baby-bats of my own in the coming years, but that doesn’t stop me from referring to them as snot-making poo-machines. I’ll still be doing so when I’m the one cleaning up the snot and poo. So put away your pitchforks, GothMums/Dads, and have a giggle with me.-

I know it’s not what you’ve heard. You’ve heard that Christmas is all about childish excitement and seeing the kid’s happy faces when they open their presents.

And here’s the thing,

It is.

that’s not all it is. You don’t need to have little baby-bats drooling everywhere to have ‘childish excitement’ or kids to have ‘happy faces.’ And if you’re feeling especially daring you can go line up and have a photo with Santa with your other grown-up adult friends instead of missing out on the fun.

Look at their happy faces.
Look at all the baby-bat’s happy faces.

So this is for anyone who’s an adult celebrating Christmas without tiny people snotting on their Christmas decorations.
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