Why a woman should never propose.

A woman should never propose marriage to her man.
I mean, I did a bit of research around the web and it’s obvious as to why, but I’ll spell it out anyway:

Because unless he takes the initiative how else is she supposed to know if he’s really committed to her?
Him saying yes to a proposal isn’t enough of a commitment.  It’s a completely different thing to her saying yes if he asked her, of course.  Why?  Because it’s different, that’s why.

Because it’s emasculating.
There’s nothing worse than having a woman tell him she thinks he’s amazing and the pick of the bunch. Can you imagine how much that would ruin his self-esteem?

Because she doesn’t know if it’s really what he wants.
Having discussions about future plans and wishes regarding marriage, kids, commitment, hopes, dreams, ethics and aspirations is so blasé. It’s much better to never have those discussions and just hope that both their life plans magically match up without having to ever discuss a single word about them. Because mismatched expectations never hurt anyone, right?

Because it’s removing his choice.
If he proposes he knows it’s what she wants. Because everyone knows that all women just want to get married and are just waiting for a man to ask.  Men aren’t burdened with the obsessive need for marriage that women have, so don’t necessarily want it, but if she asks him, he obviously has no choice other than so say yes.  They obviously couldn’t possibly have discussed their future together, so she can’t know what his feelings are on marriage before she asks, and he obviously doesn’t need to talk to her about that because all women want the same thing.  Besides, no-one has ever said no to a proposal before.  Ever.

Because if he wanted to marry her, he would have proposed to her.
Because men are the only ones who know what they want and if they want to get married.  How silly does it sound if it was the other way? “Because if she wanted to marry him, she would have proposed to him.”

Because it makes her look desperate.
She should be the supple, patient woman that will wait and hope that one day he will ‘give her a ring’ like some a beautiful passive damsel in a fairy-tale waiting for a male, any male, to take charge. That sounds much less desperate.

Because if a woman proposes she’s clingy and impatient.
If he proposes, he’s not considered any of these things.  Because he’s a man.  Best let him do it and avoid becoming a stereotype.

Because proposing is scary.
Much easier to leave it to the men to take the risk than for her to deal with the fear of rejection. Men never get scared, so it’s easy for them.  Bonus points if they follow the reasons above and never talk about what either of them want so they both don’t know if they’re on the same page, that doubles the fear and so doubles the fun!

Because she would ruin the magic of a proposal.
Women don’t know how to make things magic, memorable or special, and a woman’s proposal definitely wouldn’t be a story to tell others.

Because their family and friends wouldn’t be supportive.
No-one is ever supportive of their friends getting married if the proposal is out of the ordinary!  They wouldn’t be happy for the couple because, of course, their support is based purely on who asked whom and nothing to do with the relationship itself.

By waiting for a man to make the first move, a woman has less risk of the potential groom developing cold feet.
Women never get cold feet, and it’s definitely better to wait to find out about any fears or issues in the relationship until after the wedding has already happened.

See? Spelled out simply like that it makes so much sense.
Bottom line, women shouldn’t propose! They should leave it be and wait for the man to propose to them. The reasons speak for themselves!

Are there any other reasons a woman shouldn’t propose?  I’m curious of your thoughts on the matter.


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