Why people always paint their walls cream.

My Gentleman and I bought a house!
It’s our very own!  Words cannot convey my excitement and happiness that it’s finally happened.


We can do whatever we want to it.  No more rental inspections or removable stick-on picture hooks for us.  No more bland walls or neutral coloured carpets.
But I’m so excited by all the possibilities that it’s literally paralysed me from doing anything to customise it.

I’m stuck.

Purely because I can do EVERYTHING, I’ve done nothing.

I’ve got swathes of ideas.  Pinterest boards full of inspiration.

So. many. things. that I could possibly do and have dreamed of doing for so long…

But once I decide on something, I do a bit of research to find the things I’ll need for it, and along the way I come across something else which slightly changes my plan… which leads to something else which inspires me in another direction… which morphs into something else… and so on and so forth until I’ve arrived at a place that is completely unrecognisable as having anything to do with the original idea.

“You’ll end up painting them cream.” My friend told me last week when I spoke to her about this.  “Everyone always does.  There’s too many choices and it’s just what makes the best use of the light.  I think I saw someone paint their walls with a cream with a bit of purple in it once, but it’s still cream.  Life’s too short to spend painting walls.  All that time spent painting is time you could spend outside enjoying life.”

And it’s true.  But…  as someone who delights in hosting gatherings, gains spiritual refuelling from gorgeous spaces, and enjoys pottering around my house, I do want to beautify this place.   I want a haven to come home to, a nest to curl up in, and a lovely space to entertain in.

The drawing room at Attingham. Does this come in black?
The drawing room at Attingham. Does this come in black?

I adore dark colours, victorian and gothic architecture and shapes, yet crave brightness and light to get me out of bed in the morning (a struggle at the best of times.)

I adore Davey Suicide's Bedroom, but if I lived in here I'd never leave my cave.. I mean.. bedroom.
I adore Davey Suicide’s Bedroom, but if I lived in here I’d never leave my cave.. I mean.. bedroom.

Yet many of the castles and cathedrals I take as inspiration are exactly that: huge, monumental buildings, and so many of the design elements don’t successfully scale down to a modestly sized house.

Sainte Chapelle, 1243-48 in Paris. It might be a little less grand scaled down to a 6x3 metre room.
Sainte Chapelle, in Paris. 36×17 metres. It might be a little less grand when squeezed into a 6×3 metre room.

The gorgeous gothic architecture I’m besotted by can become cluttered when sized down and filled with worldly belongings.  Hell, baroque is already cluttered at the best of times, let alone when I leave the XBox controllers out.

Has anyone seen where I pu
Has anyone seen where I left the TV remote?

So a balance must be found.
I need something that gives me the aesthetic delight that I crave, whist still enabling me to photosynthesise, and actually own possessions.  Something that gives me dark and gothic delight, while still bringing in light and warmth.

So, I’m still stuck, and have much more pondering to do.

But there is one things that remains truth:  currently my walls are an unsightly dirty baby pink, and that will not do.  Not do at all.
So they will be painted.

Even if I have to paint them cream.

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